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Restorative Dental Care

Bring back your beautiful smile with Cincinnati Restorative Dental Care services from Seibert Complete Dentistry in Anderson Township. No matter what oral issues you may be facing or unpleasant experiences you’ve had in the past, our Cincinnati Dentist will gently correct problems to restore the real you. We offer Restorative Dental Care services in Anderson Township, Ohio.


Group selfies, candid snapshots, videos recording the moment: These days, everything is a photo op and you want your smile to look its best.
If you have a worn, weakened or cracked tooth, a dental crown may be the right care solution. A crown restores the …MORE tooth with a material that improves its strength, stability and looks. A crown can also correct your bite, which can actually change the shape of your face! Think about how a crown might improve your smile. Seibert Complete Dentistry offers Dental Crowns in Cincinnati.

Implant Supported Complete Smiles

In previous generations, many people when faced with losing their teeth were told they had to wear dentures. That’s no longer the case. By utilizing properly placed implants, entire sets of teeth can be placed that eliminate all of the frustrations and embarrassment of wearing dentures. No taking teeth out at night and no struggling to eat the foods you enjoy.


No matter how beautiful your smile is, a missing or damaged tooth affects how you look – and how you feel. Being self-conscious can make you less confident. A dental implant offers a beautiful, permanent way to restore your smile. (And it helps prevent bone loss that can result from a missing tooth).
Dental Implants look and function like natural teeth and are permanent. Mini-dental implants are also …MORE help stabilize lower dentures. If an implant is needed, we will refer you to one of our trusted partners for the procedure and then complete the procedure with a permanent crown. Seibert Complete Dentistry is your Cincinnati Dental Implant provider.

Root Canal Treatments

Some things can make it really hard to smile. Like nerve pain, which can take a toll on your quality of life. If you’re experiencing pain or swelling – or sensitivity to hot, cold and sweets – there’s a good chance you need a root canal treatment.
What causes the problem? When a cavity is left untreated, infection can spread to the deepest layer of the tooth. At this point, the infection can’t …MORE heal on its own, and root canal treatment is required. Once the infection is cleaned out and the canals of the tooth are cleansed, you’ll be back to normal. Ready to smile and take on a new day. Working within our trusted network, our team will refer you to one of our partners for the root canal procedure and then we will complete the process with a filling or new crown. Get your Cincinnati Root Canal Treatments with Seibert Complete Dentistry.


Self-conscious. Hesitant to smile. Reserved. That’s how most people feel if they have a missing tooth – because it can ruin the look of a good smile. A missing tooth can also affect a number of other things, including your ability to chew and speak properly. It can even change the shape of your face.
A dental bridge can restore your smile by replacing your missing tooth with a false tooth that’s held …MORE in place by the teeth on either side. This procedure can be an alternative and more affordable option vs. an implant. It looks and feels completely natural – so you’ll be free to smile at anything and everything. Seibert offers Cincinnati Dental Bridges you can trust.

TMJ Treatments

When you have a headache, your first thought isn’t to see a dentist, right? You aren’t alone. Most people don’t know that headaches – including migraines – as well as jaw, face and neck pain can be caused by an impaired TMJ (temporal-mandibular joint).
Your temporal-mandibular joint is located where your head and jaw meet, and enables you to move your mouth and jaw side to side, and up and down. …MORE Some more obvious symptoms include clicking or popping noises and lockjaw.
Does the TMJ directly affect your smile? Probably not. But if a TMJ treatment alleviates pain or discomfort, there’s no doubt you’ll be smiling a lot more!

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